Deposit Agreement

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♥ Deposit Agreement ♥

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Buyer(s) Name:__________________________
Home Phone:____________________________
Cell Phone:_______________________________
Work Phone:______________________________
Address:_____________________________________ City:________________
State:__________________ Zip:_________________

This deposit is towards the prospective sale of:
Price of Deposit as quoted by breeder:
Siamese $________________Balinese$____________________

Cat (Kitten) Information
The cat (kitten) is a ☐ Male ☐ Female ___________________________ (Breed: Siamese or Balinese) with the following colors and unique markings: ______________________________________________
☐ Color Point ☐ Seal ☐ Chocolate ☐ Blue ☐ Lilac ☐ Seal Lynx ☐ Chocolate Lynx ☐ Lilac Lynx ☐ Tortie Point
Total Selling Price: ______________________ Dollars ($__________________)
Deposit Value
This receipt is for a cat (kitten) deposit in the amount of ______________________ dollars
($__________________) in the form of
☐ Check (Check #: _______________________)
☐ Credit Card (Card #: _______________________)
☐ Cash
☐ Other: _______________________
The cat (kitten) deposit will be held for the buyer for 1 year from today’s date on this agreement and is Nonrefundable with a few exceptions:
Exception #1: This deposit agreement can be cancelled by the seller (breeder) at any time, for any reason and a full deposit refund will be provided to the buyer if the breeder cancels the sale of this kitten or cancels the promise of a kitten through the waiting list.
Exception #2: The seller is unable to produce a kitten matching the buyers preferences within the one year deposit term, and then has no choice but to refund the deposit and cancel the waiting list process with the buyer.

Deposit Forfeit:
Deposits are forfeit by the buyer and will not be refunded if the buyer:

  1. Does not accept cat/kitten(s) that are offered matching their preferences up to three (3) different times within the one year term period of the date of this agreement. If the buyer refuses the last 3rd/last cat/kitten(s) then the deposit will be forfeit and buyer will be removed from the waiting list.
    (A) If your preferences change for breed, color point, gender, and any dates in which you could not take a new kitten home, please let us know in order to avoid the deposit forfeiture
  2. The buyer forfeits the deposit if the kitten(s) is not picked up as scheduled without prior notice, or if the final balance, which includes all shipping and/or delivery fees are not paid 1 week prior to pickup or delivery as scheduled by the seller and acknowledged by buyer. This is strictly enforced if the seller has determined that the buyer has lost interest in the kitten(s) with or without prior communication from the buyer.

Seller Signature ___________________________
Name: ___________________________
Street Address: ___________________________
City, State, Zip: ___________________________
Phone Number: ___________________________

Printable Deposit Agreement (opens in a new window)