Enchanting Eyes Kitten or Cat Purchase Questionnaire

If you are interested in purchasing one of our kittens or cats please fill out our questionnaire. Once I receive it I will give you a call to discuss any points and go over the deposit instructions to reserve a currently available kitten or be added to the waiting list.

If you would rather go over this questionnaire by phone, just give me a call at 217-264-1324

    Your Phone Number

    Your Adddress

    City, State and Zip


    How did you find us?

    Do you own or rent your home?

    If renting, do you have permission from landlord for a pet?

    Do you plan on moving within the next 6 months?

    How long have you lived at your current address?

    Are you or your spouse employed?

    What is your occupation?

    When at work, who will be your kittens primary care giver?

    Do you or anyone in household have a cat allergy?

    Do you have other animals within your household? If so, what kind?

    Do you have children living with you, how old?

    Where will the kittens be allowed to roam, during the day and evening hours?

    Do you understand that Enchanting Eyes has a strict no Declawing policy?

    Have you ever had a Siamese or Balinese cat before?

    What would be your ideal type of temperament, appearance and energy level of your kitten?

    Do you have a veterinarian picked out? If so, what is the name, address and phone number?

    What are you interested in?


    See if we have available Siamese or Balinese kittens for sale!

    TICACFA, CFF registered kittens, sold with a written health guarantee and a written sales contract.